Heal Your Relationship

with Food  

Hey there!

I’m Lindsey Mathes, an intuitive eating nutritionist based in Columbus, Ohio and I can help you break free from your unhealthy relationship with food so it can stop running your life.  Yes, there’s hope and no, starting another diet is not the answer.


It’s not until we’re willing to explore our habits and beliefs about food, while implementing internal awareness, that we’ll finally be able to create sustainable changes and find some peace of mind. But it starts by kicking dieting and restrictive food rules to the curb and focusing on balanced, intuitive eating for a change; the kind that allows all food groups and doesn’t attach any guilt when you don’t follow it perfectly. So let’s call a truce with carbs and start eating in a way that truly nourishes and satisfies mind and body.

A unique Nutritionist/Dietitian in that she doesn't believe in a one-size-fits -all program. Lindsey can pinpoint what nutrition plan would work best for you. She has also been a personal trainer for a while so she has a wholesome grasp on exercise and eating. Seriously, this is the best Nutritional counselor you could go with in central Ohio!

Rebekah Pearce

I love that Lindsey doesn't mess around with fads or counting calories. She's just real! She has helped me focus on what my body is telling me rather than what others think is right or wrong. Lindsey is a kind and gentle soul and I always enjoy our sessions together.

Mindful Mule Personal Training

Lindsey is just incredible. Her focus on having me listen to my body gave me incredible results. Her techniques are gentle yet very effective. I cannot applaud her enough.

Elizabeth Monroe
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