Say what?!  Yup, a waffle made out of stuffing and yes, it was as good as it sounds.  And easy?  Oh yeah.  And just like a waffle should be; crispy on the outside with a thin, soft layer on the inside.

Stuffing is by far my most beloved Thanksgiving food and unlike years past when I’d only allow myself to eat it for turkey dinner, I now make tons of it so I can have it for many meals following.  The result?  Now I don’t stuff myself silly to the point of pain and feeling carb drunk.  Knowing I can have it whenever I want in the days following allows me to eat just enough until I’m completely satisfied but not at all stuffed; and it feels incredible to be able to do this.

There’s so much peace in allowing myself to eat all the foods I once deemed “bad” and had forbid myself  to eat over the years. It only lead to me bingeing and then restricting like crazy and that sucks, y’all!

Any who… this guy won’t let you down.  As you can see from the picture, I topped this magical little concoction with turkey, gravy, and cranberry sauce to really drive home all the fabulous Thanksgiving flavors.  But I also slipped in some shredded zucchini because, nutrients and fiber, but this could certainly be skipped.

Another note: if you’re using stuffing you cooked IN the bird or some that’s super moist, you may want to cut back to one egg.  My stuffing was actually pretty dry so I used two eggs.


  • Crank that waffle iron on high
  • Mix one cup-ish stuffing with 1-2 eggs and about 1/3 cup shredded veggies, if desired.
  • Spray the waffle iron and spread that gooey goodness all over so you have an thin, even layer.  Too much and the waffle may not get as crispy.
  • Allow to cook until it’s golden brown all over- I like to push the waffle iron down so it gets even crispier.
  • Top with warm turkey, gravy, and cranberry and enjoy every bite!

Whatdya think?!


Columbus, OH