Let me first say, that I am not known for my photography skills, so forgive the picture.  I’m learning slowly and will get something a little prettier here soon.  But, we all know that it doesn’t have to look pretty to taste good, right?!

Clients are always saying to me that they’re in need of new vegetable recipes.  They’re burned out from salads and steamed green beans and I totally get it.  It’s hard enough to get our veggies in in the first place and if we’re dreading the thought of eating them, we sure as heck aren’t going to make much of an effort.

And let’s be honest, as cliche as is sounds to tell my clients that they should, eat more vegetables, I do want to find ways to encourage them to do so.  Which, of course, is why I tell them all about Roasted Broccoli!  Sounds weird to roast it, but I tell you what, it’s one of the best kept secrets.  It stinks up your kitchen to high hell and doesn’t look the most appetizing, but I promise you, it’s delicious.

It can be tough to make broccoli taste good.  And for those who don’t like it, it’s damn near impossible.  But if you’re one of the few who likes this stuff, or is at least open to eating it, this recipe is a game changer.  It takes this funny looking cruciferous veg to the next level and brings out all the best that it has to offer.

The key is to use raw broccoli.  Frozen can work, but it won’t crisp up and get all toasty, golden the way the fresh stuff does.  Just spray it with a heavy coating of oil (Here’s one of my fav’s, just FYI), season with salt and some Parm, and slip into a hot oven, say 400-415 F.  After 20 or so minutes, flipping once, it’s done and when you pop it into your mouth, it crunches!

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