Another nutrition blog, really? Yes. I know, they’re everywhere. No shortage of tips, tricks, fads, and new diets, but that’s exactly why this blog exists; because we’ve been listening to too many conflicting opinions that, in many ways, have taken the pleasure out of eating, made us neurotic, and taught us not to trust to our bodies.

Something that’s supposed to bring us nourishment and satisfaction has become yet another source of stress in our lives, fueled with guilt, unrealistic rules, and strict guidelines that have begun breaking down the sweet comfort and simplicity of a sandwich. Because, shoot, gluten’s toxic, right? And tomatoes? You’re not going to eat nightshades, are you? Really, you know those cause inflammation, don’t they?

Are you catching on? It gives me anxiety just writing it.

We’re obsessed, overly obsessed, and it’s taking a toll on our emotional and mental health, and it’s got to stop. I’ve worked with far too many women who would sit in front of me in tears because of the pressure they felt to follow these rigid standards, and the shame that overtook them when they’d end up bingeing on pizza or cookies as a result of such restriction. I get it, I lived it, and it ran my life for a long time. Too long, which is why I’ve devoted myself to putting an end to the madness that runs so many lives.

Change the Way You Think About Food

So how do we change? Where do we start? By taking a hard look at the food rules you may have adopted and questioning them. Do you only allow yourself “clean” foods? Do you avoid certain food groups because they’re “bad?” Or do you put strict limits on how how much food you’re allowed at a meal, even if it means ignoring your body’s natural desire to eat more? Most importantly, how do you treat yourself if you don’t follow these rules? What sort of things do you say to yourself? And how do you “make-up” for your deviation? More restriction, a little verbal abuse?
We’re going about it all wrong, and it’s not our fault; but it needs to change.

When we start to soften our approach to eating, allow for more flexibility, and give ourselves permission to eat some tacos, for cryin’ out loud, we’re going to find that we won’t be so caught up in our preoccupation and neuroticism with food, so that a slice of pizza doesn’t send us on a full blown binge.  But remember, we’re dealing with hardwired habits and patterns that have laid the foundation of your eating behaviors, so it’s essential that you understand the patience and compassion you must show yourself throughout this process.
What food rules are running your life?

During my one-on-one consults much of my focus is devoted to our perception of food, and how that alone can keep you stuck.  Find out more, here.


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