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Have you hit diet rock bottom? Salad one day, bingeing the next?  One bite of pizza and there goes your whole day, right?  Sick of all the rules and stipulations and tired of being preoccupied with food and counting calories?

I get it, friend.  I’ve been there.

I bet you long for consistency, but can’t seem to be able to stay on track, and just wish food didn’t take so much of your time and energy.  Clearly, you need to learn how to be more disciplined, right?

No. More restriction is not the answer, it’s actually the reason we often get stuck. Dieting erodes trust in your body by using external rules to determine what, when, why, and how much you eat, often leaving you feeling either guilty or deprived, but never satisfied.

But you can make peace with food, put an end to the obsessing, and learn to eat in a way that’s satisfying for your mind and body, while shifting your mindset from viewing food from a perspective of restriction and shame, to one of nourishment and enjoyment.  

You are not alone in this.  Together, we are going to uncover and explore your eating behaviors and beliefs in order to cultivate a healthy relationship with food and give you back control of your life.

  • Eat the foods you love that satisfy you
  • Stop obsessing about food
  • Put an end to overeating
  • Lean to trust in your body’s inner wisdom
  • Have more energy to devote to life, family, and the things you love
  • Enjoy every meal without any guilt or stress 

And finally get some peace of mind!

Cool, eh?  

Throughout this journey, I’m by your side providing you consistent, nonjudgmental guidance, motivation, and accountability all along the way.  I pride myself on making myself available to my clients, which is why in addition to our time together I offer text, email, and phone support in between sessions.

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