Lately I’ve been really trying to incorporate more meatless meals into my life and have found some great recipes and meat substitutes that even my  husband will eat!  One of which, let me tell you, my man actually PREFERS this over the real stuff, is Trader Joe’s vegan chorizo.

Now I know there’s a lot of soy debate out there and some people genuinely need to avoid it, I get it, but I personally find that it’s okay to have it a few times/month.  Speaking of, here’s a really great article that breaks soy down and basically says, yes, if you’re eating buckets of it all day, everyday then yes, research shows that there are some negative health impacts, but you’ll see from the data that the average person doesn’t come close to that amount, even if he or she ate it everyday.  Give it a read, it’s long, but worth it if you’re interested.

Okay, back to my tacos.

I’m not vegan nor am I a vegetarian, but where I can cut animal products out, I do.  Yes, there are health benefits to this, but for me it’s more about the animals.  I typically source my animal products from Whole Foods, as a result of their higher standards, and I’m growing more and more towards using fewer.  It’s a personal choice for sure, and when you can make tacos taste like this, it’s a heck of a lot easier.

Like any taco, you can add whatever you want to these.  We typically keep it simple and just throw it on a couple taco shells with lettuce, salsa, and homemade guac and it’s done.  If I have more time, I’ll sauté some onions and peppers to toss in there with it but sometimes I just check the veg box with lettuce and guac.

The “chorizo” is rich so a little goes a long way and I’m seriously so satisfied on two tacos (hence my picture).


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