I’ve come a long way with my relationship with food, and I’ll be forever grateful for the peace and freedom I now have. It’s simple things, nowadays, that serve to remind me of this and in which, I find great joy and gratitude.

Simple things like eating pizza.

Last night we went out with friends to Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza  for a couple cocktails and some of the best pizza in Columbus; it was absolutely delightful. I friggen love pizza (and a good cocktail) and enjoyed every bite as I soaked up the conversation and ease of the evening with friends and my husband.

I didn’t stuff my belly or make a silent agreement with myself that I would have to pay for this the next couple of days, and actually commented to my handsome man how much I was looking forward to take him to Harvest Pizzeria for their almond pesto pizza (also another favorite)!

Unlike years past when white bread, sweets, and fried foods were forbidden, I now allow all foods. That means that when I feel like pizza, I eat it, but I don’t binge on it. Now, it’s just pizza and it’s delicious and I can stop when I’ve had enough, knowing I can have it again whenever I want.

Balance, not Restriction

Don’t get me wrong, after a vacation, the holidays, or even just overdoing it for a couple days, I crave lighter, leaner meals, and often less food overall, because that’s what my body is asking for. The foundation of my meals are lean proteins, veggies, and whole grains, and I eat this way because it truly fuels my body. I feel better, I have more energy, and it gives me the essential nutrients I know I need to thrive.

What’s different now, in comparison to ten years ago, is that this way of eating is no longer forced, nor am I’m limited to eating only certain foods. Also, the rules I had followed so closely (okay, lived by), don’t exist anymore.  And let me tell you, it feels awesome.

I may opt for whole wheat bread most of the time because I want the benefits of the fiber and vitamins, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna pass up a sandwich served on Ciabatta bread.

I choose foods based on what I want for my body and how I want to feel, and sometimes that means drinking a margarita and eating some pizza. And you better believe that I savor every sip and bite.

P.S. Local Cantina makes the greatest margarita in Columbus. Just ask for the Mustache Ride 😉

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