“I work out and eat well but can’t lose weight!”  

Sound like you?

Super frustrating, isn’t it?!  You’re doing all the right things, adding in more fruits and veggies, snacking on nuts instead of chips, and getting a solid workout most days of the week, but the scale hasn’t budged.

So what’s the deal?

You’re Eating More than You Realize….

While including foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, brown rice, and sweet potatoes will put you on the path to better health, one thing that tends to get overlooked is the fact that these foods still pack a hefty dose of fuel.

And while it should be understood that calories are not the only things that matter, they do play a big role in our weight loss efforts.  So if dinner is a juicy piece of salmon alongside a big sweet potato and salad topped with nuts, avocado, and some olive oil, you are likely taking in more than your body needs.

Despite the plethora of nutrients, fiber, and protein that a gorgeous, nourishing meal like this provides, at the end of the day if you eat more than what your body needs you won’t see the results you want.

Additionally, too much of anything in our bellies can leave us feeling overly full, lethargic, and weighed down, which essentially goes against what we’re seeking by eating healthier.

Pick and Choose

It’s tempting to pack as many nutrient-dense foods in that you can, and yeah, they all taste so darn good mixed together, but the truth is you don’t need all of them in the same sitting.  When it comes to things like nuts, seeds, avocados, and salmon they are all going to provide a hefty dose of healthy fat, which is why combining them all, or even doubling up on them, can tip the scale.

Same thing goes for those starchy beautys, like our brown rice and sweet potatoes, because while both are super satisfying and give you a plug of energy and fiber, overindulging can flood your blood with too much sugar and leave you sleepy (it sure does with me); again, not what we’re shooting for.

Balance, Not Restriction

There’s no need to give up these foods, in fact, I encourage you to eat more of them, but I also want you to be aware that too much of a good thing might keep you from getting to the weight where you thrive and steal your energy.

And since we know knowledge is power (cheesy, I know….), we’ll be able to make educated decisions when it comes to putting together our meals so that when we do have that filet of salmon, sweet potato, and pile of greens, we take it easy on the dressing, go light on the nuts, and maybe skip the avocado.

This is not to say that you need to start tracking every calorie and measuring all your food, but more to shine light on what you many not even know.  I hate seeing my clients put in the effort and not see any results, all because they they thought they were doing the right thing.




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