“Gee, that fruit’s really packing on the pounds, I should probably cut back,” said no one ever.

Can we please leave bananas alone?! Golly, if it’s not gluten, it’s something else.

There are some things in this weight and “health” obsessed culture we live in that make me want to scream, one of which being the belief that bananas should be avoided because they’re too high in sugar.

It doesn’t friggen stop.

I met with a new client recently who is so terrified of carbs and sugars that she told me she’s cut out bananas.

“They’re too high in sugar, and sugar makes you fat.”

Now, this same client has cut out so many carbs that she’s actually started losing her hair and getting headaches on a daily basis. Never mind the fact that she’s exhausted all the time and has become completely obsessed with every bite of food she puts in her mouth.

But it’s the BANANAS that are unhealthy?!

We’ve managed to demonize sugar to the extent that bananas are now “bad” for us

Guys, I get the desire to limit sugars, but we’re taking it too far, and it should not come at the cost of cutting out fruit. But I’m not blaming you. We have been lead astray, yet again, by a culture that’s constantly bombarding us with messages about what we shouldn’t be eating, and the catastrophic effects that occur when we do.

And it has gotten to a point where the harm these messages are causing is far outweighing any of the potential health benefits.

You can still eat sugar AND be healthy

First, let me say that there are many who have improved their health and overall wellbeing by reducing the amount of sugar they eat, and I don’t want that to get lost in this message.

But that doesn’t mean that all sugar needs to be eliminated or that you can’t be healthy if you eat it. On the contrary. I would go so far as to say that eliminating sugar is more harmful to our health, as a result from the mental toll restriction plays. Avoidance can lead to obsessive thoughts and bingeing, especially when we go to the extreme of denying ourselves things like bananas or other fruits.

In my most food obsessed, “health” conscious days, I wouldn’t allow myself anything more than sugar-free jello, and guess what would happen? I’d binge on cookies and pudding.

But once I created allowance for sugar in my life, I stopped bingeing, and I’ll be damned if I give up putting sugar in my coffee, ketchup on my veggie burger, or my daily squares of chocolate. And I will certainly continue making my banana oatmeal squares for breakfast EVERYDAY.

Don’t stop eating bananas… or any other fruit

Bananas, like all fruit, are perfectly healthy foods that can be eaten every dang day, if you want. They’re filled with vital nutrients and fiber, and make one of the worlds most satisfying snacks when you smear it with peanut butter 😉

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